Since 2009, year in which I have taken the family estate, I constantly do research to develop a vineyard that can be established as an ecosystem in order to create a maximum of plant and animal biodiversity .

Prior to my studies in viticulture and enology have led me to travel extensively throughout French and foreign vineyards, which allowed me to mature this project and continuously seek to develop life in my vineyard. 


2009 Soon as I returned, I wanted to develop the winery by drawing on the work already done by my family. The vineyard has been increased to 22,2 acres (9 hectares). Vineyard age ranges from 1 to 60 years with the chosen to maintain a typical basis of old vines and old grape varieties. 

2010 I wanted to add at the traditional techniques already used, an additional pulse from Biodynamic Agriculture, still in search of what contributes to the quality. This technique takes priority in the implentation of a comprehensive approach to production, while preserving the natural expression of the Terroir and Vines. I reason seeing the vineyard as a living organism, self sufficient with a high biodiversity of Fauna and Flora. My vineyard is an Ecosystem where competition allows th vines to give the best of herself and maintain its natural balance without depending on the vintage.
The general idea is to follow the natural growth cycle of the vine while providing the necessary protection through treatments with sprayed plants as teas and decoction, according to the lunar calendar and monitoring of all moments. 
Late pruning
Soil mechanic working or horse soil working and biodynamic manure
Manual vegetation selection
Low green harvest, only for control some vines
Without cutting of vegetation and leaf
Protected and develop the Fauna and Flora Biodiversity